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Wedding photography - a very responsible and difficult occupation. Wedding photographer should be able to observe and record memorable moments not disturbing pleasant celebration , so that later please newlyweds and holiday guests.
That's why some of the newlyweds are doing a big mistake relying on friends or acquaintances with a better camera.

A professional photographer will always see and record every important moment , and finally professionally retouch each selected photo and present you a perfectly composed photo album, which you can enjoy the whole life.

With respect, Giedrius

Future newlyweds express interest in wedding photography. After all, each wants later enjoy wedding photos, to show to the family and live again moments from time to time looking at photos. You have selected the date of wedding and looking for a good photographer to capture your Grand Festival? I am pleased that you are interested in my services. The modern wedding photography fundamental principle - naturalness, not posed artistic pictures. This style of wedding photography is near and dear to me. I love to capture the celebration events, without interfering in the natural course and without disturbing the guests. Creating photos of directed scenes, I discuss the details with the newlyweds.

Other principles of my work:
• I’m not forcing newlyweds or guests to pose without permission;
• impediment to the operator;
• by request of newlyweds (by agreeing in advance) make some posed artistic photos with the newlyweds and guests;
• before marriage and after, direct contact with the newlyweds , that I should justify people's way and all their expectations;
• I work only with high quality digital photo equipment, which provides a number of advantages in complicated lighting situations;

• very careful look to the selection of photos and their retouching. Do not give a "green" material, with a few thousand untidy shots. Therefore, I am not ready the next day morning to give photos. Quality work at your holiday photos - a huge and time-consuming work. However, the result is worth it. I give to the client only finalized, fully finished photos and photo book.

If my employment is right to you - please look at the services and rates. I’m a happy to meet you to discuss the details at your convenience. During the meeting, I’ll show wedding photo books examples from which you will be able to choose your favorite . It’s very important to know personally the future newlyweds, that later I can empathize with them the importance of each moment and capture it.

Wedding photography topics:
• "Love Story" ((pre-wedding photo session)
• Wedding photography
• "Trash the Dress" (session ‘’Trash the Dress’’)

Additional services:
• Possibility to install photo studio during the festival, with own professional lighting, backgrounds, props - this may be one of the additional party points ;
• by customer's request, wedding photo session can be held in studio, in Vilnius;
• wedding photo books.

Your wedding photographer - Giedrius Jankauskas

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